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Build a Drone, Code A Drone, Fly a Drone Education Programs for scholars (3rd grade-11th) after school at private, public, or home schools – Program Minimum is 20 scholars- August to May.

After School Program utilizes a strategic curriculum:

  • Drones and Writing: Scholars not only learn to build but also are given writing assignments that require them to speak (or even meet) with scientist and engineers from around the globe.
  • Aviation concepts are learned like Bernoulli’s principle and students learn how to predict things such as stall speed by using Math
  • Electronics principles: Scholars learn to wire micro-controllers and electric motors
  • Chemistry: battery chemistry and capacity in order to truly understand drone design and function
  • Drone Cinematography- School related; 2 Field Trips (Non-school day)
  • Equipment: 3D Printing, Tablets, VR, Flight Computer, Engineering Software
  • Skills: Team Building, Leadership, and Character Building Skills and Much Much More!
  • Teams: Students will work in teams of eight to build a drone robot.  After successfully building their robot, each team will learn to fly their robot and prepare for “aerial competitions” and skills challenges

To maximize student’s engagement this year, Kids Drone Zone scholars will participate in several new initiatives:

  1. Classrooms without walls allowing scholars to engage student’s from around the globe and share ideas and concepts with scholars in Australia, Europe and Africa.
  2. KDZ is introducing Virtual reality to the program
  3. Our Scholars will build a global platform model for scholars around the world to learn from.

Drone Think Tank Camps are fun for kids and adults and help scholars see robotic aircraft from a broader perspective. Through our Think Tanks, we can train scholars in the design, fabrication, customization, and operation of small robotic aircraft. It is an excellent blend of science, technology, art, engineering, aviation, and math (STEM/STEAM). Scholars learn about 3D printing, integration of robotic systems, and flying techniques as they build a quad­copter or hexa­copter in an actively engaging hands­on and innovative camp. With guest speakers from the Federal Aviation Authority(FAA), Academy of Model Aeronautics, and local Maker Spaces, we have hundreds who have earned their “Drone Operator Certificate.”

Think Tanks are held throughout the year s for youth and adults.

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Held quarterly – Minimum is 30

Held at schools and at parks. Provides participants up close and hands on experience with Drones and Drone Technology. Held throughout the year!

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Aviation Explorer Application Click Here

First Meeting July 9, 2018 BSA HQ

Introducing Young People to the world of Aviation!

Is a separate program from the after school Drone Team (See more info Below) (Grades 6-12)

– Aviation Exploring is a youth development program centered on various types of aviation careers including drones

– Any scholar in the Community can join (including home schoolers)

– Meet twice monthly -Ages 10-18 (Girls and Boys)

-Have “Hands On” Aviation Career Experiences; Career Goal Building, Develop Scholarship Plan

– Leadership, Communication, Decision Making; Aviation/Technology Field Trips

-Orientation Flight and Aviation Ground School; Character Building, Career Network /Internships

-Aviation camps; Volunteering at Air Shows; Analysis and Evaluation; Alliance with EAA and BSA

-Planning and Sequence of Events, Team Building, and Time Management

KDZ strongly believes technology and Science education is the utmost importance. This aviation program specifically geared towards assisting scholars to learn about and plan for careers in aviation.

.    Aviation Careers:

  • Aviation Architect                      
  • Gasoline Chemist
  • Aviation Meteorologist                        
  • Flight Attendant
  • Dispatcher                                    
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • IT – Software developer
  • Aerospace Engineer                                    
  • Engineer
  • Avionics Mechanic – Pilot (Corporate, Commercial, Cargo)
  • Airport Management                                    
  • Aviation Fashion Designer
  • Aviation Commercials – AirPort Operations
  • Aviation Maintenance                        
  • Tech Ops
  • Aviation Human Capital            
  • Airport Maintenance
  • Airport Safety                                    
  • Aviation Attorney
  • Aviation Physician                                    
  • Airport Design          

And many many many more! 

Aviation Explorer Application Click Here (No Application Fee)


Air Shows

Airport Behind the Scene Tours

Aviation College Tours

Orientation Flights

Flight Simulators

Meet the Aviation professional

And much more!

Aviation Explorer Application Click Here (No Application Fee)

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