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Drone Jamboree  Air Battle Time!

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Ages 8-17. Let the battle begin! Out smart your opponent in the Air!  Youth ages 8-17 can participate in the

Global Drone Day- Drone Jamboree    We have drones youth can use!

You will need to know how to successfully:

– Fly forward and in reverse

– Hover

– Fly at various altitudes

– Maneuver a course in the air

– Line of sight competition

– You cannot use a camera for this competition (no inspires, phantoms, Yuneec’s. etc.)

Practice Practice Practice!  

Don’t forget to bring your drone  (or use one of ours) and bring extra previously charged batteries!  

Let The Fun Begin!

Competition Slots Limited!  Register Today!

Once pre-registration is received, a digital registration packet will be sent for completion!

Practice Date: Sunday, April 29th, 2pm to 5pm;  Once registered, we will send an email the the location address.

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Fly in designated areas ONLY! No flying in the parking lot!   

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Register Today Limited Slots!
Register Today Limited Slots!