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Drone Rodeo!


Age’s: 15+ and Adult’s (If younger than 15, email us at kdz@kidsdronezone.org)

Competition Slot’s are Limited!  Register Early!  

Soooooo You Got Skills! Participant’s use their drone’s with live camera feed to the transmitter/viewing screen to master aerial challenge’s. 

(Non-Racing Drone’s)

Drone Example’s: Inspire’s, Phantom’s, Yuneec Drone’s, Typhoon’s, Bebop’s, 3DR Solo’s, and other Ready to Fly Live Camera Feed Drone’s Welcomed! (Check with us to make sure!)


We are a 501c3 Non-Profit, the fee’s will go towards getting kids in our drone technology program. This is our annual fundraiser. Thank You For Supporting Kids!

Drone Rodeo Participant’s Fee: $20


Flight Skill’s You Will Need To Be Successful:

– Flying under time constraints!

– Good communication skills 

– Fly forward and in reverse

– Camera skills

– Hover

– Altitude Control

– Turns

– Landing

– Fly at various altitudes

– Maneuver a course in the air  

Don’t forget to bring your drone and bring extra previously charged batteries!

Practice Practice Practice!

Once your paid registration is received, a digital registration packet will be sent for completion!

Participant’s What To Bring:


-Pre-Charged Batteries

-Your Gear


-Table for your gear   

-Drink’s to stay hydrated

– Hat for the sun 

-Some tents will be available.  We suggest you bring your own (NO STAKE’S allowed, bring weight’s for your tent)

 Participant set-up begins at 11am.

Practice for registered participants: Date: Sunday, April 29th, 2pm to 5pm;  An email will be sent inviting you to practice with the location address.

Register Today!

Fly in designated area’s ONLY! No flying in the parking lot!


Violator’s will be escorted off the premises!

Register Today Limited Slots!

Yes, I want to compete in the Drone Rodeo!

Register Today Limited Slots!
Register Today Limited Slots!