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Drone Batteries (LIPOS)

The lithium polymer or LiPo batteries found in most drones are sensitive to overheating charging your battery at high temperatures can wear them down and reduce the charge over time. Avoid charging them right after use when they’re still hot, and make sure to charge them at room temperature once they’ve had some time to cool down. When not in use make sure to store them in a dry, cool place and never in the back seat of your car.

  • Avoid over charging batteries as this will reduce the battery life over time.
  • Try to charge batteries right before you fly to avoid energy drainage.
  • Avoid flying in high wind as it puts a strain on the battery output.
  • Extra weight on the drone uses more battery power. If you do not need the camera, remove it
  • Extra flips and sharp turns kill battery life. Learn first how to control…flip later
  • Land aircraft when battery charge is low. Continuing to fly on low battery causes