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Who Should Host and Attend?

This is the #1 STEAM Unmanned Systems, Drone, Code, Aviation, and Tech programs for ages 8-16 kids, teens, and family’s in the country. We offer convenient premium “Hands On” camps, classes, and enrichment programs at schools (Private and Public), churches, HOA’s, Home schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and more!  We will customize a camp, class, or enrichment experience at your location.  This program is for aspiring: Tinker’s, Makers, Engineers, Aviators, Athletes , Photographers, and Cinematographers!   We provide all supplies and don’t forget…We Come To You!   Schedule Early…time slots fill fast!

Who Should Host

  • Public/Private Schools
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Scouts
  • Camps
  • Home Schools
  • Churches
  • Organizations
  • Corporations
  • Conventions
  • HOA’s

Who Should Attend

  • Customized for Ages 8 and up
  • Female and Males
  • Schools
  • Organizations
  • Adult Camps Available 
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Convention Attendees

Appeals To:

  • Tinker’s
  • Maker’s
  • Drone Enthusiast’s
  • Gamer’s
  • Coder’s
  • Fun Seekers
  • Photographer’s
  • Videographer’s
  • Innovator’s
  • Adventurer’s

About Drone Aviation Camp/Classes

Drone Camps/Classes/Experiences are fun for youth and adults and help participants see robotic aircraft from a broader perspective. Our camps Camps/Classes/Experiences are for ages 8 and up.  Depending on the type of  Drone experience, participants can not only: participate is designing and  fabricating a drone,  drone programming, and flying a robotic aircraft; but also: learn aviation theory, aerial cinematography, and  post production. It is an excellent blend of science, technology, art, engineering, aviation, mathematics, and  post production (STEM/STEAM). Scholars learn about integration of robotic systems, and flying techniques as they build a quad­copter or hexa­copter in an actively engaging hands-­on and innovative drone experience.

Since inception, safety remains our highest priority regardless if the location is outdoor or indoor. 

  • Build Drones
  • Code Drones
  • Fly Drones
  • Crash Drones
  • Repeat!
  • Build Teamwork Skills
  • Take A Safety Pledge
  • Learn Drone Regulations
  • Learn Drone Technology
  • Battery Chemistry
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Flight Tutorials
  • Post Production
  • Engage in programming fundamentals
  • Participate in Aerial Challenges

More About Our Aviation Drone Experiences

Participants who are drawn to technology will be thrilled to participate in building, coding, and flying drones. Other tech opportunities will include drone photography and cinematography, and drone careers. Our camps/classes/Experiences focus on STEAM Challenges. (Science Technology, Engineering, Aviation, Mathematics) and Academic enrichment. This is a very Popular Technology program and space is limited.

Unmanned Academy camps/classes are customized to the clients, location and needs for ages 8 and up..  We are available  Monday through Sunday.  We accommodate indoor and out door venues.Contact us today to customize camps/classes/Experiences. 

Camps Offered

  • 5 Day Camps Mon-Friday ( 9am to 4pm)
  • 3 Day camps  Mon-Fri or Wed- Sat
  • Half Day Week Long Camp (9am-12 or 1pm to 4pm)
  • Customized Camps
  • Early Drop Off/Late Pick-Up Available (Additional Fee)

Classes  Offered

  • Full Build Class
  • Flight Classes
  • Post Production Classes
  • Coding Classes
  • Professional Training
  • Program Training 

Experiences  Offered

  • Team Building
  • Enhance Corporate Training
  • Parties/Events Customized Experiences
  • Convention Hands-On set-Up

More About Our Aviation Drone Camp/Classes/Experiences

Drone Camps/Classes Overview

Our Drone Camp is about hands-on learning about aviation, innovation, and adventure. Scholar’s take to the skies and gain aviation knowledge and coding and flying skills.  Campers make friends, play creative games and jump in at the forefront of an emerging field. This one-of-a-kind aviation drone camp is a sky adventure. No experience needed come and make great memories!


We will work with you to customize  your camp/class/experience to your location and time frame. Contact Us Today! Scheduling for 2019!

Flight Skills

Participants take to the sky and gain flight skills and engage  other participants in an Aerial battles! Fun team building experience.