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Scholars will…

Experience Excitement

Experience the excitement of being guided through building your own drone while learning how all parts of it work.

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Host A Camp today!

Learn About Aviation

Scholars engage in reading aerial maps, learning aerodynamic principles, flight safety, and flight skills. 

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Hands-On Fun

Build, Code, Fly crash…Repeat! The giggles are unforgettable!

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We save the best for last with a highly engaged  air competition. Scholars can barely contain themselves!

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“Your Program is Awesome. We are recommending it to Everyone! Sally Creel STEM Coordinator Cobb County Schools!!”

Simply Awesome!

“This is harder than it looks" Ava Drone Scholar!


“Can we put a laser on the drone and chase other drones? Coach JC No Wayyyyy!”

We inspire innovation!

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Industry News



FAA UNDERESTIMATED DRONE GROWTH  Kids Drone Zone has been saying this for years! RPs are set to experience tremendous growth following the growth trends of the non-model sUAS sector,”  Surveys and other new data helped the FAA refine predictions for rapid growth of...

OSHA Drone Inspections

OSHA Drone Inspections

OSHA using Drones as a Tool...But is it Legal? As drones become more prevalent in society, you will see more organizations adopting drones a working tool.   Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is another organization that realizes the true values...

UPS UP UP and Away!

UPS UP UP and Away!

Be prepared to see more UPS Brown in the sky’s in the near future.  UPS has dramatically placed its’ hat in the drone delivery business.  Currently, UPS uses drones to deliver medical samples at several hospitals in North Carolina under their Flight Forward Division....