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Kids Drone Zone has partnered with Douglas County (DCPR)  to offer a Premium Technology Co-Ed Program at Deer Lick Park for Grades 3-11.  Classes are two 2 hour sessions per month at DCPR ( We customize sessions based on locations).  

Drone Squad is a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Aviation Mathematics) Hands-On Project based Technology Program. 

Scholars will engage in: 

  • Safety and Regulation    

  • Aviation, Chemistry, and Electronic Principles

  • Theory Training

  • Research Papers

  • Build, Code, Fly Drones

  • Practical and Drone Operations

  • Engineering Principles

  • Navigation and Planing

  • Meteorology                  

  • Engage Industry professionals

  • Air Battles

  • Aviation Field Trips                     

  • Classroom Without Walls                

  • Aerial Photography       

  • Aerial Cinematography                  


About Think Tank Sessions

  • Ages 8 and up!

  • Can be any day Monday-Sunday

  • Are held during the day, after school or evenings

  • Annual Registration Fee Required   

  • Monthly Program Fee

  • Having Fun Required

  • Good Behavior  Required

  • T-Shirt required

  • Program Fee is Aviation

Questions about the program:

Email Us at: kdz@kidsdronezone.org or

Call Us at:  346-704-0112

Registration Instructions For DCPR Site:

  • Click on link below (takes you to DC parks and rec site)

  • On the Parks and Rec site scroll down to Category Other- See example 

  • Select January 2019 (Open Now!) 

  • Create an account for the parent

  • (Important) Then create/add an account (by adding a person-You are adding your child/dren) add each student’s name

  • Submit for current month fee for each scholars

  • Note: Annual Registration Fee is paid directly to Kids Drone Zone

  • DCPR LINK: https://secure.rec1.com/GA/douglas-county-parks-recreation/catalog

Need Registration Assistance

Contact: Tammy Cochran at DCPR

Email: tcochran@co.douglas.ga.us or

Call her at 770-920-7129

Why Drone Technology?

Drones are staged to become mainstream in almost all facets of society.  UAV Jobs are constantly being created weekly.

Scholars learn multiple program languages from scratch to Python!

Students are challenged to think “Out of The Box “ Our scholars design and build drones from scratch…. As such…they are challenged to think from a world view. Scholars look at the micro world and the macro world view of drone technology. Think aerial robotics and Aerial fun!

Drone pilots needed by 2022


Drone Industry Growth by 2025

Drone related Jobs by 2030

Why Learn To code Drones?


  1. Math concepts such as variables and conditions
  2. Logic such as sequencing as well as cause and effect
  3. Techniques for solving problems
  4. Project design such as the importance of breaking down big ideas to specific tasks
  5. Benefits of collaboration and techniques for communicating ideas
  6. Ability to take criticism as well as identify and fix errors
  7. Perseverance in the face of difficulty


Why Aerial robotics

Scholars who struggle with reading, writing, and math in school, our program engages them in game based learning and enhances these skills


Robotic World

 As robotics and computers become increasingly prevalent in students’ lives, understanding programming and programming concepts is becoming very important for students’ success. Robots are a fun, easy, and effective way to learn about computer programming. Programming a robot has tangible, observable effects.


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