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We provide the connection between scholars, parents, and the aviation and drone industry! Stay informed connect with us on Facebook…We post opportunities daily! We invite the community to share opportunities as well! We share the following for youth and adults: scholarship information, career opportunities, special aviation programs, and connect you directly with aviation opportunities and skilled and knowledgeable aviation entities and personnel! The aviation industry is technology driven to include drone pilots,engineers, software developers, nano and biometric robotics,fashion designers, cyber security, aviation veterinarians, aviation doctors, nutritionists, architects,gasoline chemist, and many more! the opportunities are literally unlimited!

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Meet George Jetson

Will we be meeting George Jetsons’ flying car in the next half decade?  Flying cars have been the talk of the town since the George Jetsons’ cartoon, September 1962. Uber and the automobile maker Hyundai have formed a strategic alliance to create a Flying Air Taxi...

2000 Drone New Year’s Eve Aerial Fantastica

Shanghai, China has done it ladies and gentlemen! What did they do? They replaced their traditional fireworks show with 2000 synchronized aerial performance drones! That is huge for our environment! Take a gander at the video and watch the running man,the 2020...

Aerial Drug Residential Delivery

Look up in the sky, it's a plane, it's a bird, no it's a drone drug delivery system! Legal delivery system that is! UPS and CVS have partnered to start drone residential prescription drug delivery. We are not too far off from the George Jetson's era! the CVS...

Drone Facial Recognition for Cows

Drone Facial Recognition for Cows

The USDA is funding a drone cow facial recognition project at the University of Kentucky until 2021. The USDA is testing to see if drones can monitor the health of farm animals. "2.5 million US cattle die every year from health issues, accounting for 60% of the cattle...



FAA UNDERESTIMATED DRONE GROWTH  Kids Drone Zone has been saying this for years! RPs are set to experience tremendous growth following the growth trends of the non-model sUAS sector,”  Surveys and other new data helped the FAA refine predictions for rapid growth of...

OSHA Drone Inspections

OSHA Drone Inspections

OSHA using Drones as a Tool...But is it Legal? As drones become more prevalent in society, you will see more organizations adopting drones a working tool.   Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is another organization that realizes the true values...

UPS UP UP and Away!

UPS UP UP and Away!

Be prepared to see more UPS Brown in the sky’s in the near future.  UPS has dramatically placed its’ hat in the drone delivery business.  Currently, UPS uses drones to deliver medical samples at several hospitals in North Carolina under their Flight Forward Division....

State Farm Hiring Female Drone Pilots

State Farm Hiring Female Drone Pilots

The drone industry is growing by leaps and bounds! The FAA predicts the industry will need approximately 322,000 drone pilots by 2022. For a drone pilot, no day is ever the same. Most drone pilots work as freelance contractors, flying drones for major companies and...


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