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We provide the connection between scholars, parents, and the aviation and drone industry! Stay informed connect with us on Facebook…We post opportunities daily! We invite the community to share opportunities as well! We share the following for youth and adults: scholarship information, career opportunities, special aviation programs, and connect you directly with aviation opportunities and skilled and knowledgeable aviation entities and personnel! The aviation industry is technology driven to include drone pilots,engineers, software developers, nano and biometric robotics,fashion designers, cyber security, aviation veterinarians, aviation doctors, nutritionists, architects,gasoline chemist, and many more! the opportunities are literally unlimited!

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ZipLine COVID USA Medical Delivery Long Distance

ZipLine COVID USA Medical Delivery Long Distance

ZipLine Starts COVID USA Medical Delivery Long Distance!  Kids Drone Zone has been saying this for years! @KidsDroneZone Says Awesome @zipline #USA starts Long Distance #Covid_19 #Drone #medical Supply Delivery. COVID-19 has put enough additional stress on the U.S....

Air Map Destroyed By Looters

Air Map Destroyed By Looters

AIRMAP Office Destroyed By Looters  Kids Drone Zone hearts are sadden to hear the news about one of our drone community members AirMap in Sacramento, California, that was burned by looters this past Sunday. AirMap has offices in Zürich and Singapore and is a software...

Aviation Industry and Coronavirus Crisis

Aviation Industry and Coronavirus Crisis

Is Aviation dead?  Kids Drone Zone has been saying this for years! What does COVID-19 mean  for the Aviation industry?   Remember…it take to-tree years to obtain all of your pilot ratings! These announcements Rolls Royce announced it is cutting 9,000 jobs,  Brussels...

Embry Riddle College Tour Daytona

Embry Riddle College Tour Daytona

Atlanta Metro, We are headed to Daytona for Scholars to Tour Embry Riddle University October 23-24, 2020 Learn More About This Tour

Drones Used to Disinfectant Coronavirus

The prevalence of the Coronavirus has prompted organizations in China to utilize aerial solutions to exponentialize impact.. Watch how drones are being used as a tool in a variety of ways to combat this outbreak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akeHcnIIqeg  

Coronavirus Creates Steamed Buns Innovation

Solitary confinement is no fun. Long term solitary confinement is even worse. The  mandatory confinement in China due to the Coronavirus has sparked residents to use ingenuity to not only gain access to food but also add a little fun to their day.  Did you say Steamed...

Drones in China Educate on Coronavirus

Imagine you are in an isolated environment where thousand are being infected by the Coronavirus and you have no ability to learn information.  To enhance knowledge China is using drones to teach people about the Coronavirus.  watch drones in action....

Meet George Jetson

Will we be meeting George Jetsons’ flying car in the next half decade?  Flying cars have been the talk of the town since the George Jetsons’ cartoon, September 1962. Uber and the automobile maker Hyundai have formed a strategic alliance to create a Flying Air Taxi...


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