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The 2019 FAA Aerospace Reports Says:  301,000 Drone Pilots Needed By 2022 Yes, it’s time to train Today!

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Celebrate National Drone Safety Week! Atlanta Metro is invited to our Drone Fun Fly! Saturday, Nov 9th!

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College tours connects your student with an in-depth campus experience. Tours allows students to gain perspective on what kind of environment they are seeking.

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Kids Drone Zone is a non-profit organization who understands we are in a technology revolution and acknowledges there is a technology and digital divide around the world.

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Drone Think Tank Camps are fun for kids, teens, and adults and help scholars see robotic aircraft from a broader perspective.



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Educators learn how to transform your Math, Science, Language Arts, and PE class in to a Fun Lab!



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FAA UNDERESTIMATED DRONE GROWTH  Kids Drone Zone has been saying this for years! RPs are set to experience tremendous growth following the growth trends of the non-model sUAS sector,”  Surveys and other new data helped the FAA refine predictions for rapid growth of...

OSHA Drone Inspections

OSHA Drone Inspections

OSHA using Drones as a Tool...But is it Legal? As drones become more prevalent in society, you will see more organizations adopting drones a working tool.   Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is another organization that realizes the true values...

UPS UP UP and Away!

UPS UP UP and Away!

Be prepared to see more UPS Brown in the sky’s in the near future.  UPS has dramatically placed its’ hat in the drone delivery business.  Currently, UPS uses drones to deliver medical samples at several hospitals in North Carolina under their Flight Forward Division....

State Farm Hiring Female Drone Pilots

State Farm Hiring Female Drone Pilots

The drone industry is growing by leaps and bounds! The FAA predicts the industry will need approximately 322,000 drone pilots by 2022. For a drone pilot, no day is ever the same. Most drone pilots work as freelance contractors, flying drones for major companies and...

Aerial Drone Battle

Aerial Drone Battle

Drone Competition- Aerial Battle Drone racing has been a growing sport over the last few years and you can find thrilling championship races on various platforms like ESPN and YouTube.  Recently, Kids drone Zone held an Aerial Battle for scholars. The competition...

Drone Delivery and Not Pizza!

Drone Delivery and Not Pizza!

Many have been anticipating drone delivery for a while now! Well we here to tell you drone delivery is a thing! No not Domino’s Pizza and not Amazon package but a live human kidney! Uber move over… drone delivery of a live human kidney was successful, April 2019. Will...

Drone Air Traffic Control (Busy Sky’s)

Drone Air Traffic Control (Busy Sky’s)

How will planes and drones harmonize in the friendly sky's? With drone transport of live organs on the rise and drone delivery just around the corner, the sky is about to get a lot busier.  The question on everyone's mind is…. how will a safe aerial dance take place?...

Autonomous is All the Rage at CES 2019

Autonomous is All the Rage at CES 2019

Autonomous is not going away anytime soon!2019 CES is well under way and just like Heinz Ketchup anticipation was at the forefront!  Last year, autonomous cars were all the rage “Autonomous” is all the rage!  Now you can own an aerial security drone to...

NYPD 2018 New Years Eve Drone Use

NYPD 2018 New Years Eve Drone Use

Drones have become mainstream as American Apple Pie. So it’s not surprising that we now see drones overseeing New Year’s Eve in New York Times Square. The New York Police Department will be using drones as a security tool in the air. This will literally give the...