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Aviation Center Of Excellence

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We prepare scholars for drone and aviation careers. Since 2015, we have created Unconventional Aviation/Drone Experiences. Youth/Adults also learn to Build-Code-Race Drones!

2021 Residential Aviation Camp Registration Open!

Drone Flying is Social Distancing: Get In The Air!

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The Aviation Center of Excellence (Powered by Kids Drone Zone) is 501C-3 Nonprofit and is very excited to host a digital event for 50,000 scholars around the globe: The Global Youth Aviation / Drone Career Expo October 9-10, 2021.

What is The Global Youth Aviation / Drone Career Expo?

The Global Youth Aviation / Drone Career Expo is a free digital event for youth from around the globe to learn about career pathways to Aviation and Commercial Drone Careers in various countries and to inspire the next generation. Meet and hear from leading aviation and drone industry experts from around the globe who are dedicated to advancing the future of aviation, drones and technology. Scholars will also meet various universities and training programs from around the globe to learn how to pursue these careers. This Career expo will help scholars ages 10- 18 understand how to pursue various aviation/drone technology careers. Connect with Peers and Industry Leaders.

We are excited to host Spanish sessions!

Aviation Exploring!  Meet The Experts!  Find Your Aviation/Drone Career! 

Festival Theme: Let Your Inner Light Shine…The World is Your Canvas!

(GDFF) is dedicated to educating audiences and empowering creators, filmmakers, and photographers around the globe to tell their stories through their lens by exploring Land, Air, and Sea and even under water.

About The Global Drone Film Festival

The Global Drone Film Festival (GDFF) is hosted by Kids Drone Zone (KDZ) a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Kids Drone Zone mission is to serve as a global Educational and Career  resource for scholars around the globe. To help scholars learn about all aspects of Aviation/Drones/Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) and how this technology is used to better society in many beneficial ways.



The Aviation Center of Excellence (Powered by Kids Drone Zone) is 501C-3 Nonprofit dedicated to exposing and preparing scholars for aviation careers around the globe. We explore:  

  1. Traditional Aviation
  2. Drone Aviation 
  3. Aviation/Drone Technology
  4. Aviation and Drone Careers

girl flying plane

2021 High Adventure Aviation and Drone Camp  is Cancelled! (International Scholars Join Us!)

Due to Covid and the changing dynamics, this camp has been cancelled.  We will reschedule for 2022. This one of a kind experience provides scholars with a variety of opportunities to learn about aviation and the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics of aeronautics. Activities span from morning until evening in our residential overnight camp. We offer four 1 week sessions. Our Aviation Camp, combines traditional aviation and drone technology into one exciting experience. Scholars learn to build a drone, code a drone and gain valuable drone flight skills (Line of sight and FPV) on various drones. Additionally, scholar’s take flight ground school, and fly as a student pilot in a plane.  We have partnered with two universities to expand scholars experience. Scholar’s will do an aviation college tour and learn about many aviation careers, fly in training simulators, and live and experience college dorm life. Aviation Camp students will get to go behind the scene and meet scientists who are working on cutting edge technology.  Scholars also embark on high adventure excursions. The camp ends with an epic air battle. The best part…scholars get to take home their built drone and other gear. Fully paid registrations receive a 15% percent discount  until , January 5, 2021.

High Adventure In The Air and On The Ground!

Our Motto: We Come To You!

Community Outreach

Aviation Center of Excellence (Powered By: Kids Drone Zone) has conducted over 215 Community Outreach/Workshops/Camps/Training Programs. May 2020 , we held a virtual 6 week Global Drone Education Course for scholars in 7 countries.  Historically, we provided a large technology pavilion annually at the Atlanta Maker Faire (Blue Ribbon Winner) and the Atlanta Science Festival with 32,000 and 60,000 in attendance respectively and has hosted outreach programs for the Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit, For Women in Aviation at Disney- Girls In Aviation Day, Aviation Career Day at Candler Field Airport, PDK  and Warner Robbins Air Show, Georgia STEM Day, Delta Block Party (45,000), Drone Education for Teachers at STEMAPLOOZA, and the GA Assoc.Career and Technical Education (GACTE) Career Tech Conference to name a few. We are most proud of hosting Girls Who Fly for Cobb County STEM School District for the past two years where we provide drone technology education and flight skill courses.

Events: Virtual and Face To Face!

Our Motto: We Come To You!

Aviation Center of Excellence (Powered By: Kids Drone Zone) has conducted over 215 Community Outreach/Workshops/Camps/Training Programs, since 2015. We have hosted camps and events in Las Vegas, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, Chicago, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina.  Contact us to schedule and event or camp.  We have several upcoming events.  International scholars are welcomed to attend our virtual events. Contact us to schedule and event or camp.  Our next Aviation Explorer program will begin SJune 2021. We are looking for locations in the following areas: Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, and Douglasville. Our events begin  this summe 2021.  Don’t miss our virtual, June  class for students around the globe. this summer,  info session for Aviation Explorer’s and our All About Drones for enthusiasts. View our full calendar. 



Of New Jobs Are Tech


Of Schools Teach Tech


Parents Want Kids In Tech

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children” – Nelson Mandela

Kids Drone Zone Aims

To Make That Difference!

Education without Application Is Just Entertainment!

Create Unconventional Aviation/Drone experiences and help scholars to be Career Ready!

Our world rapidly changes, and it’s imperative scholars have Real-World, Hands-On experience with today’s technology in Real Time.

Our platform, provides real time experiences that helps scholars not only engage in a unique environment but also helps scholars plan for the future by hosting drone programs, aviation experiences, camps, and training.

Our training programs, were established in response to industry demand. Our training programs are particularly interesting as they attract diverse types of students, including adults looking to pursue technology careers.  We offer customized unmanned workforce training (FAA license, Flight training, and Equipment Training) to meet industry needs, and assist industries with finding qualified workers.

To prepare scholars to be “CAREER READY” in Aviation and Unmanned Systems Technology!  Kids Drone Zone (Aviation Center Of Excellecnce)  is a non-profit organization who understands we are in a technology revolution and acknowledges there is a technology and digital divide around the world.

We Come To You…Wherever You Are!

We  invest heavily in:

  1. STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Aviation, and Mathematics)
  2. Workforce Readiness/Development Programs
  3. Community Outreach Locally and Globally
  4. Real World Experiences



We use aviation and drone technology as a platform to connect different fields of knowledge. We use interdisciplinary learning methods to do the following: 

  • Hands-On projects
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • To help scholars to see the meaningful connections that exist among the many disciplines.
  • Capitalize on natural and logical connections that cuts across content areas and are organized around questions, themes, problems, or real- world projects rather than along traditional subject-matter boundaries.

Unmanned News

We Keep You Informed and Excited!

Domino’s Pizza Autonomous Pizza Delivery Robot

Hey Kids A Neighborhood Pizza Robot Coming To You Soon! Domino's is rolling out a robot car delivery service to select customers in Houston. For those who opt in, their pies will arrive in a fully autonomous vehicle made by Nuro. Here's how it works: Customers in the...

Helicopter Drone Takes Flight On Mars

In Febuary 2021, a new Rover by the name of Perseverance landed on Mars, but unlike rovers that have come before it, this one had a very special passenger attached to it, in the form of a helicopter drone, called Ingenuity. NASA’s Helicopter drone, is humanity’s first...

First Ever Mars Helicopter

NASA launches its next Mars rover this summer, it will have a very special cargo on board: A helicopter. NASA's Ingenuity aims to be the first robot to take flight on another planet. Here's why it's such a big deal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0nocO4paEQ...

  Can A Drone Deliver Rocks?  Mars has lots of rocks that may need to be moved and drones may be the answer.  Let’s explore the possibility! Rock Drops Are The Coolest!  

Telepresence” Revolution

Telepresence” Revolution

Telepresence” Revolution Will Reshape the World Workforce The travel and hospitality industry has experienced exponential growth since 2000. The world literally went mobile. #COVID-19 literally brought the world to a screeching halt! Home is not only where the heart...