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Scholars ages 8 and up not only learn about drone technology, but also build, code, and fly drones…That’s not all!

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Aviation Exploring is a youth development program centered on various types of aviation careers including drones.


We offer multiple training opportunities to include Career Training, Educator Training, and Program Training.

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Our Mission:

To prepare scholars to be “CAREER READY” in Unmanned Systems Technology! 

Kids Drone Zone is a non-profit organization who understands we are in a technology revolution and acknowledges there is a technology and digital divide around the world.

We  invest heavily in

1) STEM Education

2) Workforce Readiness/ Development Programs

3) Community outreach Locally and Globally.

Help us reach 10,000 scholars coding and flying drones in 2019!

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#1 Advanced Drone Technology Program in the Country

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Our programs, combine mathematics, language arts, engineering and design principles, and project problem solving in a fun, interactive setting. Aerial battle included.


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Holidays, Spring Break, and Summer

Drone Think Tank Camps are fun for kids, teens, and adults and help scholars see robotic aircraft from a broader perspective.



Educators Bring Aerial Science To Your Classroom

Educators learn how to transform your Math, Science, Language Arts, and PE class in to a Fun Lab!



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Unmanned News

We Keep You Informed and Excited!

Autonomous is All the Rage at CES 2019

Autonomous is not going away anytime soon!2019 CES is well under way and just like Heinz Ketchup anticipation was at the forefront!  Last year, autonomous cars were all the rage “Autonomous” is all the rage!  Now you can own an aerial security drone to...

NYPD 2018 New Years Eve Drone Use

Drones have become mainstream as American Apple Pie. So it’s not surprising that we now see drones overseeing New Year’s Eve in New York Times Square. The New York Police Department will be using drones as a security tool in the air. This will literally give the...

Drone Swarms Are the New Fireworks

Drone Swarms Are the New Fireworks Kids Drone Zone is excited about this new technology being used instead of traditional fireworks. Many programming careers will grow using this technology for non-traditional entertainment. Scholars need to prepare today for these...

Traffic Sucks! But What if Traffic Was Aerial?

Ramp metering, HOV lanes, and sensor-triggered traffic lights were all the rage. Let’s Face It! They Don’t Work! Uber Aviation is working on a solution!Traffic  Science (Yes..That's a career!)  is about way more than just phantom jams. It's also about understanding...

Railroads Use Drones

Railroads Totally Get It! Drone are making phenomenal changes in the world we live in. Union Pacific is looking to hire 250 drone pilots in 2019 alone. Railroads is just one industry that understands the time and cost efficiency of  using drone technology.  Drone...

First Kidney Drone Delivery

Our BlogUnmanned News Connect Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis...

Drone App For Apple Watch

Fly your drone via your Apple watch. Would you use this? Manually pilot with screen controls. The R1 is basically self-flying and avoids obstacles according to Skydio (based in California). The Apple Watch including series 4 allows you to launch and land via the...

FAA 301,000 Drone Pilots

The FAA predicts the industry will need 301,000 Drone Pilots by 2022 according the Wall Street Journal.  Are you prepared for the future.  Industries using drones include, agriculture, medical, real estate, wild life conservation, oil & gas, GIS,...