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We are absolutely committed to training you for Career Readiness and helping you find  the best possible roles with companies based on their interests.  We created this resource to help you navigate unmanned industry jobs. On this page, you’ll find information on the types of unmanned and drone pilot jobs being offered in various  industries..

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Unmanned and Drone Pilot jobs are posted daily.  The FAA has foretasted a need for 301,000 (yes you read that correctly) Drone Pilots needed by 2022.  There will be more than 7 million drones in the air by 2020. What are you waiting for?  Start training with Us today!


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Drone Pilots Needed By 2022

Million Programmers Needed By 2025

Million Drones In The Sky By 2020

Recent Job Openings

Drone Pilot

 Bowling Green, VA


UAV Flight Operator

 San Francisco, CA


UAS Operator

 Port Arthur, TX

Soutex Surveyors & Engineers

Drone Operator

  Asbury Park, NJ

SkyVue LLC

Java Developer – III

 Portland, OR

AVA Consulting

Territory Manager and UAV/Drone Pilot

 Pittsburgh, PA

Identified Technologies 

Drone Pilot (Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilot)

 Houston, TX 77018 (Northwest area)

Arch Aerial LLC 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator (U.S. Army)


Drone Flight Instructor

Atlanta, GA

Drone Pilot for Roofing Company

Hampton Falls, NH 

J. Carnes & Son Roofing

Drone Operator Solar Site Technician

Yucaipa, CA 92399

Vision Civil Engineering

Process Engineer-Required to obtain a Drone Pilot License

Irwindale, CA 91706

United Rock Products

Manager, Aeronautics

Portland, OR 97204


Digital Media Coordinator

Bend, OR 97702

Powdr Corp

Land Survey Technician

Cody, WY 82414


Embedded Software Engineer-FAA Part 107 Required

San Luis Obispo, CA 93403


Digital Visual Storyteller – Special Projects

San Angelo, TX


Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator(15W)

 Elk River, MN

Army Career Center

Manager of Research & Development /Emerging Tech

Atlanta, GA 30328


UAS Operator

Port Arthur, TX 77642

Soutex Surveyors & Engineers

Engineering Manager, Aviation Networks

Portland, OR 97204


Research Associate, Crop Genetics (Bachelors)

Ivesdale, IL 61851

Corteva Argriscience

UAS Engineering Technician

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


On-Call Search & Rescue Coordinator

Kotzebue, AK 99752

Northwest Artic Bourough

Radio Tower Site Inspector

Lakewood, CO

Inalab Consulting, Inc

Solar Technician

Baltimore, MD

Exactus Energy Inc


New Orleans, LA


Senior Video Production Specialist

Lewisburg, PA

Bucknell University

Drone Pilot Assistant / Intern

Mount Pleasant, SC

Swampfox Aerial LLC

Professional Qualified Licensed sUAS /Drone Pilot

Miami, FL


Pilot In Command (PIC)

Palo Alto, CA



Unmanned News

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Embry Riddle College Tour Daytona

Embry Riddle College Tour Daytona

Atlanta Metro, We are headed to Daytona for Scholars to Tour Embry Riddle University October 23-24, 2020 Learn More About This Tour

Drones Used to Disinfectant Coronavirus

The prevalence of the Coronavirus has prompted organizations in China to utilize aerial solutions to exponentialize impact.. Watch how drones are being used as a tool in a variety of ways to combat this outbreak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akeHcnIIqeg  

Coronavirus Creates Steamed Buns Innovation

Solitary confinement is no fun. Long term solitary confinement is even worse. The  mandatory confinement in China due to the Coronavirus has sparked residents to use ingenuity to not only gain access to food but also add a little fun to their day.  Did you say Steamed...

Drones in China Educate on Coronavirus

Imagine you are in an isolated environment where thousand are being infected by the Coronavirus and you have no ability to learn information.  To enhance knowledge China is using drones to teach people about the Coronavirus.  watch drones in action....

Meet George Jetson

Will we be meeting George Jetsons’ flying car in the next half decade?  Flying cars have been the talk of the town since the George Jetsons’ cartoon, September 1962. Uber and the automobile maker Hyundai have formed a strategic alliance to create a Flying Air Taxi...

2000 Drone New Year’s Eve Aerial Fantastica

Shanghai, China has done it ladies and gentlemen! What did they do? They replaced their traditional fireworks show with 2000 synchronized aerial performance drones! That is huge for our environment! Take a gander at the video and watch the running man,the 2020...

Aerial Drug Residential Delivery

Look up in the sky, it's a plane, it's a bird, no it's a drone drug delivery system! Legal delivery system that is! UPS and CVS have partnered to start drone residential prescription drug delivery. We are not too far off from the George Jetson's era! the CVS...