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Telepresence” Revolution Will Reshape the World Workforce

The travel and hospitality industry has experienced exponential growth since 2000. The world literally went mobile. #COVID-19 literally brought the world to a screeching halt! Home is not only where the heart is but also work. A permanent new dawn is upon the world population and the reality is….We are not in Kansas anymore!  The new norm will bring about two in six workers not returning to the office as #remote work is the new norm and  business #travel will not travel via computer (with business travel expected to decrease by 20%) and the break room will be your #kitchen!

This home bound life will create less work for others. Less eat out lunches, less stops on the ways home to patronize local business, fewer happy hours and less window shoppers mean less cash flow or will it. learn more by reading the rest of this fascinating article!

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