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Covid And the Future of Aviation Industry

Covid and the Future of Aviation Industry

Demand for air travel was predicted to grow to 8.2 billion passengers by 2037, but that was before the Covid-19 pandemic brought economies to a halt. So how is the industry preparing to recover and what this means for passengers in the future.

Learn how Covid has affected the aviation industry and how you will be impacted!

Covid And The Future of Commercial Pilots

Covid And The Future of Commercial Pilots

Covid And The Future of Commercial Pilots

Covid and The Future of Commercial Pilots

Many are worried about an aviation career has disappeared. Guess What…The airlines aren’t going anywhere! Airlines may be in financial trouble for a couple of years, but people will always want to travel!
The cause of the initial pilot shortage isn’t going away. Sixty-five is rolling around for many pilots whether there’s a pandemic or not, so they’re going to retire anyway. Many other pilots may take early retirement. The younger generation are the ones airlines think are the ones worth investing in.
Know this, the FAA will not reduced the required minimum flight hours. You probably will still have to spend a minimum of 3-5 years flying for a regional airline or a freight operation until you get enough turbine hours. As the airlines reduce the number of seats they are filling, that means more planes will need to in the air. Translation…More pilots!

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