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Aerial Drone Battle

Aerial Drone Battle

Drone Competition- Aerial Battle

Drone racing has been a growing sport over the last few years and you can find thrilling championship races on various platforms like ESPN and YouTube.  Recently, Kids drone Zone held an Aerial Battle for scholars. The competition combined building and coding of drones. Scholars were met with various challenges under not only time constraints but also competition rules.

The drone competition focused on three elements flight skills, programming skills, and drone knowledge. Scholars flew a variety of drones from drones built during drone squad to programmable drones. Elementary middle school and high school scholars battled in the air for the top number one spot.

Scholars have been training for this competition since, January 2019. In addition to the drone competition, scholars also had to do a research project whereby they conducted live interviews with drone industry experts, created a written report, and presented their findings via live presentation to their peers. Are you ready to aerial battle this summer register today!

Drone Delivery and Not Pizza!

Drone Delivery and Not Pizza!

Many have been anticipating drone delivery for a while now! Well we here to tell you drone delivery is a thing! No not Domino’s Pizza and not Amazon package but a live human kidney! Uber move over… drone delivery of a live human kidney was successful, April 2019. Will it be long before human drone delivery outpaces overrides!

Imagine the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) implications for young scholars to come. Young scholars will be participating in drone coding and artificial intelligence the driving force of this customized unmanned vehicle.

The living legacy foundation of Maryland and the University of Mount Maryland collaborated to do a 3 miles delivery of the world’s first live viable kidney to a woman in Maryland. University of Maryland students and research department build a customized drone to make this monumental transport. This customized technology flew 44 test flights over 700 hours before the actual live flight took place.

Want to learn more about coding drones; contact Kids Drone Zone as we dive deep into drone coding. Learn more about this innovative drone delivery!

Drone Air Traffic Control (Busy Sky’s)

Drone Air Traffic Control (Busy Sky’s)

How will planes and drones harmonize in the friendly sky’s? With drone transport of live organs on the rise and drone delivery just around the corner, the sky is about to get a lot busier.  The question on everyone’s mind is…. how will a safe aerial dance take place?

Unbeknownst to many, UAS Traffic Management, or UTM system is being created to consolidate aerial traffic of planes and drones. The main focus of UTM system is to safely and efficiently merge drones into the national airspace. Situational awareness among drones and planes is being created to mitigate aerial collisions.

NASA’ S Aims Research Center in California’s Silicone Valley has created a unified research platform for invested parties to come together to formulate the UTM system. The invested parties are FAA, academia, Amazon, Google, Intel, and dozens more. The most complicated airspace to plan for, will be that in urban areas.

Are you ready the influx of drones in today’s airspace if not contact us today to start your training? To learn more about UTM system follow this link.