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NYPD 2018 New Years Eve Drone Use

NYPD 2018 New Years Eve Drone Use

NYPD 2018 New Years Eve Drone Use

Drones have become mainstream as American Apple Pie. So it’s not surprising that we now see drones overseeing New Year’s Eve in New York Times Square. The New York Police Department will be using drones as a security tool in the air. This will literally give the police department a birds eye view of a wide area to make better informed decisions and to keep the community safe. This flexible security tool will prove invaluable not only for the New York Police Department for many other various industries as well.

Drones will continue to transform societal norms in the land air and the sea. The question is are you ready for this new tool in your career field? If not, you may be placing yourself on the outside looking in. One way to increase your skill set and values is to obtain training in drones ask us how. Stay tuned a drone will be coming to your location soon! Read more about the NYPD use of drones at 2018 New Year’s Eve festivities 

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Traffic Sucks! But What if Traffic Was Aerial?

Traffic Sucks! But What if Traffic Was Aerial?

Traffic Sucks! But What if Traffic Was Aerial?

Ramp metering, HOV lanes, and sensor-triggered traffic lights were all the rage. Let’s Face It! They Don’t Work! Uber Aviation is working on a solution!

Traffic  Science (Yes..That’s a career!)  is about way more than just phantom jams. It’s also about understanding ways to alleviate traffic before it happens. Ramp metering educes the influx of new vehicles onto the highway, thus preventing big clumps at on-ramps and cutting down on traffic. Other solutions have been HOV lanes and sensor-triggered traffic lights.  None of these are working… Read More About Uber Aviation


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