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Air Map Destroyed By Looters

Air Map Destroyed By Looters

Air Map Destroyed By Looters

AIRMAP Office Destroyed By Looters 

Kids Drone Zone hearts are sadden to hear the news about one of our drone community members AirMap in Sacramento, California, that was burned by looters this past Sunday. AirMap has offices in Zürich and Singapore and is a software company. Drone pilots use AIR MAP’s traffic management technology to determine authorization in controlled airspace. Kids Drone Zone utilizes AirMap in our education program to teach young scholars not only how to use this technology but to understand the importance of flying in various types of national airspace. One of Air-Map’s co-founder Greg McNeal discover this tragedy.

Another AirMap co-founder and chairman Ben Marcus added this on Twitter: “Last night, the AirMap office in Santa Monica was consumed by fire. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. What hurts is the unending racism & injustice in America. We all must work harder to make our union more perfect. We’re all brothers and sisters. Let’s treat each other with love, respect, & dignity, and create opportunity for all who choose to make a positive impact.”
Kids Drone Zone hearts go out to everyone at AirMap! STAY SAFE!

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