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Drone Delivery and Not Pizza!

Drone Delivery and Not Pizza!

Many have been anticipating drone delivery for a while now! Well we here to tell you drone delivery is a thing! No not Domino’s Pizza and not Amazon package but a live human kidney! Uber move over… drone delivery of a live human kidney was successful, April 2019. Will it be long before human drone delivery outpaces overrides!

Imagine the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) implications for young scholars to come. Young scholars will be participating in drone coding and artificial intelligence the driving force of this customized unmanned vehicle.

The living legacy foundation of Maryland and the University of Mount Maryland collaborated to do a 3 miles delivery of the world’s first live viable kidney to a woman in Maryland. University of Maryland students and research department build a customized drone to make this monumental transport. This customized technology flew 44 test flights over 700 hours before the actual live flight took place.

Want to learn more about coding drones; contact Kids Drone Zone as we dive deep into drone coding. Learn more about this innovative drone delivery!

First Kidney Drone Delivery

First Kidney Drone Delivery

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