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Helicopter Drone Takes Flight On Mars

In Febuary 2021, a new Rover by the name of Perseverance landed on Mars, but unlike rovers that have come before it, this one had a very special passenger attached to it, in the form of a helicopter drone, called Ingenuity. NASA’s Helicopter drone, is humanity’s first attempt at powered controlled flight of an aircraft, on another planet. The helicopter took flight on April 19th 2021, at 12:33 Mars Time, a time and day NASA determined would give optimal energy and flight conditions for the solar powered drone.

The first test flight involves lifting off, climbing to 10 feet, hovering for about 30 seconds, and then descending. Since the time delay from Mission control back on earth to Mars would take too long to manually control the drone, it has to be able to perform each flight all on its own, No joystick, No live pilot, No real-time help, In alien conditions, with almost no atmosphere.

Global Youth Aviation Career Expo

Global Youth Aviation Career Expo

October 24-25, 2020: The Global Youth Aviation / Drone Career Expo is a free digital event for youth from around the globe to learn about career pathways to Aviation and Commercial Drone Careers in various countries and to inspire the next generation of the aerospace workforce.  Meet live and hear from leading aviation industry experts from around the globe who are dedicated to advancing the future of aviation, drones and technology.  They will help scholars ages 10- 18 understand how to pursue various aviation/drone technology careers. Connect with Peers and Industry Leaders.

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Aerial Drone Battle

Aerial Drone Battle

Drone Competition- Aerial Battle

Drone racing has been a growing sport over the last few years and you can find thrilling championship races on various platforms like ESPN and YouTube.  Recently, Kids drone Zone held an Aerial Battle for scholars. The competition combined building and coding of drones. Scholars were met with various challenges under not only time constraints but also competition rules.

The drone competition focused on three elements flight skills, programming skills, and drone knowledge. Scholars flew a variety of drones from drones built during drone squad to programmable drones. Elementary middle school and high school scholars battled in the air for the top number one spot.

Scholars have been training for this competition since, January 2019. In addition to the drone competition, scholars also had to do a research project whereby they conducted live interviews with drone industry experts, created a written report, and presented their findings via live presentation to their peers. Are you ready to aerial battle this summer register today!