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Part 107 Prep

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation and has established that a licence is mandatory for commercial UAV pilots. Before you decide to take the plunge into the intriguing world of drones and the business opportunities ascribed with them, the very first steps are to enroll in our Part 107 Remote Pilot test preparation course. In addition to obtaining the knowledge required to pass the test with confidence, you will gain the aeronautical decision-making skills necessary to be a competent remote pilot, capable of operating safely in the national airspace system. The 2019 FAA Aerospace Reports Says:


301,000 Drone Pilots Needed By 2022!

UAV Industry

The commercial drone industry is growing rapidly and so are business opportunities. The FAA prediction show 2.7 million drones will be in service by 2021. The FAA predicts a 40% growth in the commercial drone sector by 2021. Aerial photography and cinematography, construction, real estate, weddings, roof inspections, tower and crane inspections, site surveys, crop analysis software development, maintenance, and of course drone delivery are only a few of the many business opportunities that await you.    


1.5 Million Jobs By 2025!

About The Class

Our quasi live in-person and online course, gives you the chance to ask questions, and discuss the material, while still getting the attention from the instructor and while you prep for your commercial drone license. We also offer an online study group where you can ask questions and the instructor provides a review of certain materials. To pass the two hour Part 107 drone pilot test requires extensive knowledge. Our personal and fun approach, provides you the hands-on learning environment you need.

This class will be held Saturday’s at North Clayton Middle School Time to be determined. Traffic is a bear and we value your time. Classes are held in-person and online. Online class, is Sunday’s from 7 PM to 9 PM. Saturday’s In-person class time is TBD.  Still need more study time? We’ve got you covered! Online study group sessions are held twice for an hour. See dates below.  Note: Only fully registered and paid participants may attend classes.


$200 Billion Economic Impact!

But Wait There’s More!

Each fully paid scholar not only benefits from our in-person and online live sessions but also has 24 hour access to the online portal for 6 months. This portal reviews lecture material, provides in-depth analysis on certain subject matter, free resources, and various multiple practice test and FAA simulation exam with FAA questions all design for you to pass the part 107. 

Get Ready For The Future…Today!

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