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Kids and Drones

At Kids Drone Zone Virtual Drone, scholars will be flipping,flying, and swerving through the air before they know it. This summer at home will be the most fascinating time to engage in Drone Technology, Drone Coding, and Drone Flying and other aerial activities like autonomous flight and real world challenges. Scholars will collaborate in teams to accomplish creative STEAM Aerial  Projects.  

Drone Squad

Drone Tech Camp


Code-N-Fly Camp

Kids Build Drones

Build-N-Fly Camp

Registration For Virtual Drones

Please complete the registration application below. Once completed, you will be taken to the payment submission page. To be fully registered, a complete application and full payment is required. 

Available Camps

Drone Tech Camp

Code-N-Fly Camp

Drone Tech and Fly Camp

Build-N-Fly Camp SOLD OUT 

Fall 2020 KDZ Fall Virtual Aviation/Drone Sessions Registration

Parent's register your scholar for one or more of our Fall 2020 Virtual Aviation/Drone sessions. International Scholars Welcomed! Parents outside the U.S. contact us before registering Code-N-Fly, Drone Tech and Fly , or Build and Fly sessions!
1Scholars Info
2Parents Info
3Additional Parent info
4Legal Guardian Info
  • These are virtual sessions and scholars will need to have consistent access to the internet a camera on their device to interact with live instructors. Note: The Build-N-Fly session is Sold Out!
  • Scholars residing outside the U.S. Please contact us before registering for Code-N-Fly, Build-N-Fly, or Drone tech and Flt camp. Email: KDZ@KIDSDRONEZONE.ORG (Nothing to Enter)
  • About The Scholar (Each scholar must be registered separately!)

  • You must two digits 08, 11, 12, 13, etc. Reminder: These SESSIONS ARE FOR SCHOLARS 8-17
  • Please enter your students email address. Scholar's must stay informed and take responsibly. We ALWAYS include parent's in our emails!
    International Students (Outside the U.S.) select other and see below.
  • Theses courses is for grades 3-11 We encourage schools to write about their scholars in the school newsletters!
  • We want to know your scholar! Let us know more about your scholar, favorite things to do, extracurricular activities, favorite subjects. Favorite vacation spot, community service. Have they flown a drone before.

Unmanned News

We Keep You Informed and Excited!

Domino’s Pizza Autonomous Pizza Delivery Robot

Hey Kids A Neighborhood Pizza Robot Coming To You Soon! Domino's is rolling out a robot car delivery service to select customers in Houston. For those who opt in, their pies will arrive in a fully autonomous vehicle made by Nuro. Here's how it works: Customers in the...

Helicopter Drone Takes Flight On Mars

In Febuary 2021, a new Rover by the name of Perseverance landed on Mars, but unlike rovers that have come before it, this one had a very special passenger attached to it, in the form of a helicopter drone, called Ingenuity. NASA’s Helicopter drone, is humanity’s first...