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Autonomous is All the Rage at CES 2019

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Commercial Industry, Drone Delivery, Drone Tech, Unmanned Systems

Autonomous is not going away anytime soon!

2019 CES is well under way and just like Heinz Ketchup anticipation was at the forefront!  Last year, autonomous cars were all the rage “Autonomous” is all the rage!  Now you can own an aerial security drone to watch your house, by sunflower labs!

Intelligent razes that heat up to 122 degrees and toothbrushes that Id non-brushed areas by releasing a serum to highlight the misses via discoloration amongst other Hi-Tech gadgets are taking center stage.  

No Autonomous cars/trucks are not dead as we see Daimler unveiled a new self-driving truck and Bosch unveiled a driver less shuttle bus.

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