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Kids Drone Zone

12 Dec 2018

Drones For Girls!

Soooooo Excited…Exposing Young Ladies to the World of Drones at Brown Middle School!

15 Dec 2018

Drone Workshop

Exploring Drones at Boys and Girls Club!  Build code fly Crash and REPEAT!  Hands-On Fun!

28 Dec 2018

Class Before Crash

Before You wreck your drone…Let us show you the in’s and out’s of  the before, during, and after the flight.  Know Before You Fly!

2 Jan 2019

Awesome Facility Tour

Join us on an unrepresented unmanned facility and aviation tour. Invitees respond by, December 17. 2018, via email kdz@kidsdronezone.org.

10  Jan 2019

MIS Drone Squad

MIS Spring Drone Squad Air Fun begins . register today!

Scholars Build Code Fly!

13 Jan 2019

Douglas County Drone Squad

DCPR Squads 2019 Winter Session Open Now!10 Slots Left Register Early!

Scholars will engage in:

  • Safety and Regulation    
  • Aviation, Chemistry, and Electronic Principles
  • Theory Training
  • Research Papers
  • Build, Code, Fly Drones
  • Practical and Drone Operations
  • Engineering Principles
  • Navigation and Planing
  • Meteorology                  
  • Engage Industry professionals

2  Feb 2019

Worlds Largest Tailgate for Super Bowl

Kids Drone Zone will facilitate a Drone Technology Pavilion at the World’s Largest Tailgate.  Battle In The air with drones.

Join over  40,000 local and out-of-town guests to celebrate their professional football teams, with food, games, music, and Drones Charities Featured: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Join us at our drone technology pavilion.

10 Mar 2019

Flying In To The Future

12pm to 4pm

Kids Drone Zone invites all ages to  join them at  Chattahoochee Nature Center. Flying into the Future soars back to CNC on Sunday, March 10th, and we are so eager to share with you and your family what to expect at one of our most popular family fun days. If you are interested in nature, animals, and science, this is the event for you! Plus, we will be kicking off our Eco Tinker Interactive 

28 Feb 2019

Georgia Aerospace Day at the Capitol

Join Kids Drone Zone  at the 9th Annual Georgia Aerospace Day 2019

Georgia State Capitol,  206 Washington Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30334

Aerospace Day at the Capitol is a unique opportunity for the Aerospace industry to showcase their technology and highlight this important industry’s contributions to Georgia’s economy.

Join the hundreds of legislators and community members who attend the exhibits and industry professionals who sponsor this annual event at the Georgia State Capitol.

2 Mar 2019

Drone Fun Fly

1pm to 4pm

More Details to come


23 Mar 2019

Scout Challenge Council Camporee

Kids Drone Zone will facilitate a Drone Technology Pavilion at the 2019 Scout Challenge at Bert Adams.  Battle In The air with drones.

Join over 5,000 of your fellow Scouts,Venturers and volunteer for the biggest camping weekend in Metro-Atlanta. Troops and Crews from across the Atlanta Area Council will camp jamboree style at Bert Adams for three days and two nights.

Scout Challenge 2019 will be a weekend of massive games, activities and so much more.

30 Mar 2019

All About Drones

2pm to 4pm

Kids Drone Zone invites all ages to  join them at Sewell library to learn about drones, drone safety and regulations, drone technology, and drone careers, and why drones matter.  Drones are revolutionizing society beyond measure via, humanitarian aid, medical uses.

Unmanned News

We Keep You Informed and Excited!

State Farm Hiring Female Drone Pilots

The drone industry is growing by leaps and bounds! The FAA predicts the industry will need approximately 322,000 drone pilots by 2022. For a drone pilot, no day is ever the same. Most drone pilots work as freelance contractors, flying drones for major companies and...

Aerial Drone Battle

Drone Competition- Aerial Battle Drone racing has been a growing sport over the last few years and you can find thrilling championship races on various platforms like ESPN and YouTube.  Recently, Kids drone Zone held an Aerial Battle for scholars. The competition...

Drone Delivery and Not Pizza!

Many have been anticipating drone delivery for a while now! Well we here to tell you drone delivery is a thing! No not Domino’s Pizza and not Amazon package but a live human kidney! Uber move over… drone delivery of a live human kidney was successful, April 2019. Will...

Drone Air Traffic Control (Busy Sky’s)

How will planes and drones harmonize in the friendly sky's? With drone transport of live organs on the rise and drone delivery just around the corner, the sky is about to get a lot busier.  The question on everyone's mind is…. how will a safe aerial dance take place?...

Autonomous is All the Rage at CES 2019

Autonomous is not going away anytime soon!2019 CES is well under way and just like Heinz Ketchup anticipation was at the forefront!  Last year, autonomous cars were all the rage “Autonomous” is all the rage!  Now you can own an aerial security drone to...

NYPD 2018 New Years Eve Drone Use

Drones have become mainstream as American Apple Pie. So it’s not surprising that we now see drones overseeing New Year’s Eve in New York Times Square. The New York Police Department will be using drones as a security tool in the air. This will literally give the...

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