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2000 Drone New Year’s Eve Aerial Fantastica

Shanghai, China has done it ladies and gentlemen! What did they do? They replaced their traditional fireworks show with 2000 synchronized aerial performance drones! That is huge for our environment! Take a gander at the video and watch the running man,the 2020 countdown,and of course the ringing end of 2020! Hats off to you Shanghai… You did a phenomenal job in ringing in the new year! What a great STEAM lesson!  If this doesn’t get youth excited, I don’t know what will!

Phenomenal job in giving mother nature break from noise and smoke pollution!All done safely over the Huangpu River. Learn more about this 2000 drone phenomenon.

Aerial Drug Residential Delivery

Look up in the sky, it’s a plane, it’s a bird, no it’s a drone drug delivery system! Legal delivery system that is! UPS and CVS have partnered to start drone residential prescription drug delivery. We are not too far off from the George Jetson’s era! the CVS pharmacist fills the prescription and hands it off to a UPS Flight Forward drone pilot who in turn loads the drone which flies autonomously to its delivery destination, and Cary North Carolina. The FAA’s approval of drug prescription delivery is a step in the right direction for the U.S. UAV/Drone industry.

Additionally, UPS has been working with Mattternet and WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh, doing commercial deliveries of medical samples in a B2B setting.We are all excited to see what the next delivery milestone will be reached! Stay Tuned! Learn more about drone delivery!





Drone Facial Recognition for Cows

Drone Facial Recognition for Cows

Drone Facial Recognition for Cows

The USDA is funding a drone cow facial recognition project at the University of Kentucky until 2021. The USDA is testing to see if drones can monitor the health of farm animals. “2.5 million US cattle die every year from health issues, accounting for 60% of the cattle losses.”  Multiple 3DR Solo drones hover between 90 to 270 feet above the herd using various cameras down facing to gather the facials of various cows. one drone serves as the data collector while the other drones filter their data  (such as biometric volume) to the central unit. Currently, the tests are centered in the lab (using Chuck a 3D model) to ensure this method of autonomous flight is safe prior to going live in the field.    Learn More About Chuck and Cow Facial Recognition!